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Hot@Hand Buffet Cart Hostess Trolley
Shabbos Warmer - Certified for Shabbos use

Buffet Cart Shabbos Warmer : Hot@Hand buffet cart hostess trolley

Hot@Hand Buffet Cart Hostess Trolley
Shabbos Warmer - Certified for Shabbos use

Item #: 99009F

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Buffet Cart Shabbos Warmer - - Revolutionize the way you entertain! Hot@Hand is the only mobile electric warming cart that keeps hot foot appetizingly hot for five hours or more! This hostess trolley rolls right up to the table -- or out to the deck. And when not in use and the doors are closed, it's a handsome piece of furniture.
  • Keep hot food appetizingly hot for 5 hours or more!
  • Cook when you have time; serve when you're ready!
  • Don't worry if your guests are late!
  • Perfect for offices & meetings, too!
  • Three clear Pyrex glass dishes in heated compartments
  • Removable dish holders, so your own dishes can be used
  • Double shelf heated cupboard with additional heated top shelf
  • On/off neon light
  • Safe for fine china, glass, or pots.
Hot@Hand is the ideal solution for people with busy schedules. You can buy take-out food on your way home from work and keep it warm until you're hungry.

When you're cooking for a crowd, you can prepare one item at a time and keep things perfectly warm until you are ready to serve -- or until the latecomers finally arrive.

Holds foods appetizingly at serving temperatures for up to five hours.
Holds a complete dinner menu for up to eight people.

How It Works: Heat is transferred around the unit through basic conduction, allowing excess heat to escape naturally into the surrounding room. This type of cooling process means that the Hot@Hand Buffet Cart does not require a built-in thermostat or otherwise complex heat-monitoring system. It self-regulates between 145 degrees F and 170 degrees F (63 degrees C and 77 degrees C), which is well within the FDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition recommendation for holding hot foods at or above a minimum of 145 degrees F.

Available in economical "wood effect" mahogany, teak, or beech finish. Also available in natural maple real wood veneer. Wood effect mahogany finish is shown in main image above. Small images from left to right are teak effect, beech effect, and natural maple real wood veneer.

Styled with wrap-around sliding tops and full-length doors. Dimensions for wood-effect models: 29" W x 16" D x 27.5" H. Weighs 80 pounds. Dimensions for real wood-veneer model: 31" W x 17" D x 29" H. Weighs 120 pounds.

Ships fully assembled! Manufactured in the United Kingdom. UL and CSA approved. 110 volts, 400 watts. One-year mfg. warranty. This item is also known as Hot at Hand Buffet Cart or Shabbos warming cart. Special order.

This item requires truck delivery. Delivery to your door.

Customer question:
How does it initially heat up?
A: It has 3 heating elements for each shelf. You plug it in and it takes up to 15 minutes to get up to temperature and then the cart stays warm until it is unplugged.

This item is not currently available and we do not know if it will be available again in the future.


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