Custom Dolphin Silhouette Sign for Home or Business

Custom Dolphin Sign For Business Name, House Address, or Other Wording

Custom Dolphin Silhouette Sign for Home or Business

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Custom Dolphin Silhouette Sign For Home or Business - - large silhouette shape dolphin sign is approximately 23"W (from tip of the tail to end of the nose) x 16-7/8"H (from the bottom of the tail to the top of the fin). Made in the USA. People use the terms dolphins, porpoises, and whales to describe marine mammals belonging to the order Cetacea and often use the names interchangeably. The orca, or killer whale, for example, is actually the largest member of the dolphin family.
  • Wall mount sign custom made with your personalization and color choice.
  • Personalize with the name and location of a business as shown in the sample, Welcome message, property information such as Visitor Parking, or anything else you want to say on your two lines.
  • Personalization details:
    • Line 1 holds twelve 2" characters.
    • Line 2 holds twenty 1" characters.
    • Character count includes spaces.
    • Fonts as shown in illustration for Line 1 and 2.
    • If you only wish one line of personalization, font will be as shown in Line 1 of illustration and we will make the characters larger if possible. Leave Line 2 above blank.
  • Fabricated from UV-stabilized non-rusting 1/8" thick acrylic plastic that allows us to provide shapes, sizes, colors, and designs not possible to achieve on metal plaques at an affordable price.
  • Characters are permanently engraved into the sign during the production process, not just painted or printed on the surface.
  • Withstands temperatures to 175-degrees F without deflection.
  • Note: style number shown in the sample is not printed on your dolphin.
  • Nine vivid color combinations: black with gold characters; sky blue with white characters; black with white characters; white with black characters; brushed gold with black characters; brushed stainless with black characters; kelley green with white characters; red with white characters; and yellow with black characters.
  • Comes with three 3/16" diameter fastener holes and stainless steel mounting screws.
  • 1-year mfg. warranty.
  • Custom made to order.
  • Dimensions (approximate): 23"W x 16-7/8"H x 1/8".
  • Other dolphin silhouette sizes available: can scale smaller or larger up to 36" wide. Please contact us with your requirements.
  • Comfort House CFS2317001.
Laminated acrylic custom Say Anything silhouette plaque crafted in the USA by skilled artisans to assure the highest quality.


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