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Custom Metal Plaque Questions and Answers

What customization options are available for the metal plaques at Comfort House?

Customization options are almost unlimited when you choose our custom metal plaque # J0092. On other metal plaques found on our site, customizations beyond the standard inputs are not available. If non-metal is an option for you, our acrylic plastic plaques can be customized beyond the standard inputs.

Can I choose the size and shape of the metal plaque?

Yes, size and shape can be selected on our custom metal plaque # J0092. On other metal plaques found on our site, sizes and shapes beyond what are shown in the selection box are not available.

Is there a limit to the number of characters or lines for personalized engraving?

There is not a limit on the number of characters or lines on our custom metal plaque # J0092. On other metal plaques found on our site, the number of characters or lines can not be changed. Acrylic plaques found on our website can also be customized with an unlimited number of lines and characters.

What types of metal are offered for the custom metal plaques?

Custom metal plaques can be made in aluminum, bronze, stainless steel, zinc, brass, and copper.

Are there specific fonts and styles available for engraving text on the metal plaques?

We have many fonts and styles available in our library. If you have a special font or style request just let us know.

How is the durability of the metal plaques ensured for long-lasting use?

Our metal plaques last for many years and have special coatings for weather resistance. If you are in a high sea salt environment, we recommend choosing our bronze metal plaque. This is different from a plaque that is merely finished in the color bronze.

Can I include custom logos or images on the metal plaques?

Yes, logos or images may be included on our custom metal plaque # J0092.

Is there a difference in pricing based on the material selected for the plaque?

Pricing varies on material selected. For example, # J0092 is made from aluminum metal and will be the most economical of our totally custom metal plaques. We can also make it for you in bronze metal instead but it will be significantly more expensive. For the most affordable type of plaque, select from our acrylic plastic plaques.

What is the cost of a custom metal plaque?

The smallest size custom metal plaque # J0092 starts around $200 and can go up to $30,000 or more. The most commonly ordered sizes typically cost $400 to $600 for a wall mounted version. Our custom acrylic plastic plaques are often under $100.

What is the average turnaround time for processing and shipping a custom metal plaque order?

The typical time is 4 to 6 weeks.

Are there bulk order discounts available for purchasing multiple custom plaques?

Yes, bulk order discounts are available for purchasing a large quantity of custom plaques.

Can I preview a digital mock-up of my custom plaque before finalizing the order?

A mock-up of your totally custom plaque # J0092 will be made after your order is entered. Production will not start until you approve of your proof.

Is the engraving done using laser technology or another method?

Engraving is technically not the process used for creation of our custom metal plaques although the terminology is often used. Instead sand casting or machining is used depending on the plaque selected. Our acrylic plastic plaques, however, are made with the help of laser engraving technology.

What care instructions are recommended to maintain the quality of a custom metal plaque over time?

To care for your custom metal plaque use warm soapy water.

Are there any restrictions on the content or language that can be engraved on the plaques?

Yes. Copyrighted or trademarked materials can be displayed on plaques upon receipt of a release from the intellectual property owner

Can I order a custom metal plaque as a gift for someone and have it shipped directly to them?

Yes, we ship custom metal plaques as gifts all the time.

What types of occasions or events are commonly associated with gifting custom metal plaques?

Typically Christmas and Hanukkah time. Also they are a popular gift for a new home or housewarming, wedding, and anniversary.

Is there an option for express or expedited shipping for urgent orders?

On a custom metal plaque there are options for express or expedited shipping which will reduce time some. Unfortunately there are not a lot of shortcuts that can be taken in production so even on a quicker basis it will still take several weeks for a custom metal plaque. Our acrylic plaques can be made very quickly for urgent orders.

How does the customization process work, and is customer support available for assistance?

You will find selection boxes for your text, size, shape, color, font, and mounting method on the page for our # J0092 custom metal plaque. We have held many of a customerís hand through the entire process.

Are there customer reviews or testimonials available for reference regarding the custom metal plaques?

Yes, you will find custom reviews shown on the # J0092 custom metal plaque on our website.

What is the return policy in case I am not satisfied with the custom metal plaque I receive?

We do not accept returns on custom metal plaques.


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