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Custom Signs

Custom Signs

Custom Signs

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Custom signs with your own message.
  • Fabricated from UV-stabilized non-rusting 1/8" thick acrylic plastic that allows us to provide shapes, sizes, colors, and designs not possible to achieve on metal plaques at an affordable price.
  • Characters and border are permanently engraved into the sign during the production process, not just painted or printed on the surface.
  • Withstands temperatures to 175-degrees F without deflection.
  • Each line holds a maximum of eight 2" characters; ten 1.5" characters; or twelve 1" characters. Character count includes spaces and punctuation.
  • White with black characters and border.
  • Dimensions: 11.5" x 11.5" x 1/8".
  • Comes with 3/16" diameter fastener holes and mounting screws.
  • 1-year mfg. warranty.
  • Custom made to order.
  • Comfort House J0134.
Please note that the image preview is only a rough representation of the finished product. If you use fewer lines than 4, we will adjust your plaque to center them. Please enter any specific instructions or requests where it says additional information.

Not big enough? Not small enough? Need more lines? Need more character spaces? Need vertical orientation? Need it lawn mounted or in a different color or material? We will supply your sign any way you require. Please use the Request a Custom Quote link at the top of this page to submit your requirement.

Examples of signs we've made:
  • No Life Guard On Duty
  • Assembly Point
  • Please Don't Litter
  • Please Use Other Door
  • NOT For Sale
  • Thank You For Not Smoking
  • No Food Or Drink In Gym
  • Package Delivery In Back
  • Ring Bell For Assistance
  • Parking Space Reserved For . . .
  • Picnic Permit Required for This Shelter
  • Tennis Courts for Hotel Guests ONLY
  • Private Playground for Hill House Residents & Their Guests
  • Visitor Parking Turn Right
  • Fast & Free Pizza Delivery
  • Do Not Block Driveway
  • Please Use Sneakers With White Soles Only
  • Dog On Premises
  • Our Happy Place
  • Patient Parking
  • Private Property
  • Visitors Welcome
  • Visitor Parking
  • Reception
  • Entrance In Rear
  • Please Remove Shoes
  • Remove Your Shoes
  • Staff Entrance
  • Private Driveway
  • Please Come In
  • Pets Are Welcome
  • No Turning
  • No Turn Around
  • No Trespassing
  • Enter Here
  • Exit Only
  • No Hunting
  • Do Not Enter
  • Keep Out
  • Beware Of Dog
  • Use Rear Door
  • Please Use Rear Door
  • Use Side Door
  • Please Ring Bell
  • No Soliciting
  • No Solicitors
  • No Loitering
  • No Dogs Allowed
  • Watch Your Step
  • Slippery When Wet
  • Office
  • Close The Gate
  • Home Gym
  • Curb Your Dog
  • Don't Block Driveway
  • Private Drive
  • Thank You For Your Patronage
  • Please Close Gate Securely
  • No Dog Poop
  • No Smoking In Garden
  • Reserved Parking
  • Employees Only
  • Employee Entrance
  • No Vaping Within 25 Feet Of Building
  • No Smoking Or Vaping
  • This Area Under 24 Hour Video Surveillance
  • CCTV In Use
  • Entrance Around Back
  • No Metal Detectors


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