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Hanging Real Estate Sign System with Solar Lamp, Post, Base, Finial, and Scroll Bracket

Hanging Real Estate Sign System with Solar Lamp, Post, Base, Finial, and Scroll Bracket

Hanging Real Estate Sign System with Solar Lamp, Post, Base, Finial, and Scroll Bracket

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Real Estate Sign System with Solar Lamp - - ready to hold your hanging Property For Sale or House For Sale sign. Or use for an address plaque, business name sign, welcome plaque, etc. Sign not included.
  • Sign system comes with solar lamp, post, decorative base, and scroll arm bracket ready for your own hanging sign. Perfect for professional real estate offices. (Note: the scroll arm in the small image on the far right is similar to but not identical to the product you will receive.)
  • You provide the hanging sign. Sign not included.
  • Cast aluminum sign posts promise to outshine competing wood and vinyl alternatives.
  • Post features a durable, low-maintenance powder-coat finish in black or white.
  • Base styles: fluted or ornate.
  • Easy installation with ground-mounting spike or in-ground direct burial base extension.
  • Color: black or white.
  • About the solar lamp:
    • Solar powered, no wiring needed.
    • Automatically turns on at dusk and off dawn.
    • Six super-bright LED bulbs.
    • Efficient Li-Ion rechargeable batteries included.
    • Beveled glass.
    • Patented cone reflector technology.
    • Durable, rust-resistant frame.
    • Powder-coated finish.
    • Light output: approx. 80 lumens.
    • Dimensions: 8.5" x 19".
  • Post is a total of 72" for the in ground mount. Goes into ground at least a foot and a half, meaning it will stick up out of the ground approx. 4.5' not including the solar lamp attached to top.
  • For ground spike, the post will be approximately 16" shorter in length.
  • For both mount types, height above ground will be approx. 4.5' not including the solar lamp.
  • Please pick correct mount type when ordering because changing mount types requires entire post replacement.
  • Length of scroll arm: 22.5"
  • Distance between post and first hole: 3".
  • Distance between holes on scroll arm: 13.5".
  • Also available with a decorative finial instead of the solar lamp.
  • Custom made for you. This is a special order item; special order items are not returnable.
  • Comfort House 68500.
Cast aluminum products are first poured in a sand mold that does not allow perfection in every detail. These "accidentals of art" lend an Old World charm to each piece. In effect, each piece is a unique creation.

Instructions for spike mount:
Step 1) Pound ground spike into desired location by hammering on block of wood.
Step 2) Slide the base up on the bottom of the pole. The base will need to be slid up high enough to insert 4" pass through bolt through the ground spike bracket and through the pole. Use masking tape or equal to prevent scratching the pole when sliding the base up past its permanent installed height.
Step 3) fasten bolt and slide base down and secure 3 set screws on the base.

For in ground burial instructions, please enlarge last small image on right above.


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