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Baby Changing Station Provided Sign

Baby Changing Station Provided Sign

Baby Changing Station Provided Sign

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Comfort House Baby Changing Station Provided Sign - - Place this Comfort House "Baby Changing Station Provided" engraved plaque outside a public restroom to announce that a comfortable and convenient baby changing station is available.

This restroom door or wall sign is perfect for use in a restaurant, retail store, shopping mall, medical facility, hotel lobby, office building -- anywhere where Moms and Dads are looking for a baby friendly public restroom.

Unlike a printed sticker sign, our sign has characters and baby changing symbol that are permanently engraved into a thin acrylic sign.

Convenient adhesive back for easy installation.

Approx. size 3.75" wide x 4.75" high.

Often used to replace worn printed stickers and the size allows you to cover over the popular style of old sticker if you are unable to remove it easily from the wall.

Five vivid color combinations: sky blue with white characters; black with white characters; evergreen with white characters; red with white characters; and yellow with black characters.

All signs are 1/32" thick except for color evergreen which is 1/16" thick.

Made to order in USA.


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