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Lumichrome 48" Full Spectrum Fluorescent Tubes Case of 4

Lumichrome 48

Lumichrome 48" Full Spectrum Fluorescent Tubes Case of 4

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Lumichrome full spectrum fluorescent tubes provide summer sun all year round. Glare-free light from full-spectrum lightbulbs reduces eye strain and creates a pleasing and relaxing environment. You will notice increased visual acuity, greater eye comfort, and less fatigue when you use these lightbulbs in your home or office.

Because of their color balance, full spectrum fluorescent tubes are also used in areas where excellent color matching and color rendition are needed such as jewelry stores, printing plants, fabric showrooms, and art studios.

Thanks to their unique blend of phosphors, these tubes have the highest color rendering index on the market today (96 C.R.I.). With a color temperature of 5000 Kelvin, the light of a full spectrum tube can be compared to outdoor lighting at noon time, the time of day where the blue and red parts of the spectrum are present in equal amount.

48" long; T12/40 watt; 1XC. Bulbs burn an average of 24,000 hours. For use with USA lamp fixtures. Lumichrome tubes by Chromalux. Price is for a case of 4 bulbs.

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