Full spectrum incandescent
MR16 white beam
50 watt light bulb

MR16 Full Spectrum Light Bulb

Full spectrum incandescent
MR16 white beam
50 watt light bulb

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Full Spectrum Incandescent Light Bulb - - MR 16 White Beam™ is the whitest light on the market today. Pure Neodymium glass cuts down much of the yellow emission of the light spectrum. The brighter, more vibrant colors closely mimic natural daylight.

With a color temperature of approximately 4200 degrees K, the appearance and quality of the new Chromalux Halogen White Beam is exceptionally white. Chromalux White Beam is also much more gentle and less straining to the eyes than common incandescent or halogen lamps. It increases black and white contrasts, improves readability, and allows optimum visual comfort while reading.

Specifications: titanium-coated reflector for longer Lumen and color performance; average life of 5,000 hours with practically no heat and no UV emission. 20 degree beam spread.

Applications: MR16 White Beam lamps are ideal for home or office and are a must for lighting applications that require accurate color appearance and critical color evaluation such as art galleries, museums, and dental and medical labs. Highly recommended for jewelry display lighting.


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