Down Comforters - Invest in a lifetime of comfort and luxury with a beautiful white goose down comforter. Most Comfort House comforters are proudly Made in USA.

Down comforters generally fall into two construction categories: baffled box and sewn through. The distinction is important. In a baffled comforter a vertical wall of fabric joins the upper and lower portions of the shell. Baffles allow the down in your comforter to assume its fullest loft. The higher quality comforters (this also usually translates into the more expensive) are made with baffles. Sewn-through comforters do not have that vertical wall of fabric, which means the down cannot expand to its fullest loft. Sewn-through is a less expensive production method, and sewn-through comforters are typically more affordable than baffled comforters.

Duvet Covers - What is a duvet cover? A duvet cover, also known as a comforter cover, is essentially a fabric envelope that encloses a duvet or comforter, and keeps it clean. Duvet covers protect your comforter investment. Duvets normally have an opening at one end with button or zipper closures. Your comforter gets placed inside. In Europe, duvet cover is defined differently. Instead of it being a cover for your comforter, Europeans often refer to the comforter itself as the duvet cover. Regardless of where you are, a duvet cover is a serious top of bed decorating statement and can be elegantly ornate or simply basic.


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