Aids For Daily Living

Did you know when Comfort House was founded in 1991 that our main product line was arthritis aids helper tools, gadgets to assist with arthritis, assistive devices, disability aids, and independent living products? We have since expanded our products but we have maintained our traditional roots as this is what so many clients know us for.

Steady Write Pen
$29.99, 2/$40.00
Thumb Rest Cup For Arthritis or Wrist Pain Sufferers
Regular Price: $16.50
Your Price $11.99
Corded Zipper Pull To Help Zip Up a Dress
Regular Price: $14.49
Your Price $9.99
Grip Assist Ball
$12.99, 2/$22.00
EZ Grip Weighted Knife
Regular Price: $10.95
Your Price $8.99
Lotion Applicator
Regular Price: $10.99
Your Price $9.99, 3/$21.00
EZ Stand-N-Go
$125.00, 2/$210.00

Here's the Comfort House solution to making a walk home from the grocery store more comfortable and pleasant. Instead of straining your arms, hands, and back trying to carry bulky bags, just load those purchases into a folding shopping cart, canvas cart, wheeled bag, hand truck, utility cart, portable tote bag, or shopping cart on wheels. Now you'll be able to stop and smell the flowers along the way.