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Selecting An Electric Blanket
Characteristic Example Example Example Example
Material Microfleece Micro Flannel Plush MacroMink
Feature Pre Heat Auto Off Adjustable Auto Off Dual Control
Voltage Type Low Voltage Standard Voltage Standard Voltage 12V Voltage (Cigarette Lighter)
Color Natural Chocolate Grey Amethyst
Size Twin Full Queen King
Brand Soft Heat Sunbeam Micro Flannel Perfect Fit

Electric Blanket Reviews & Ratings by - As the cold air begins to settle in, this is among the busiest time of year for electric blanket and heated mattress pad sales at Comfort House. The following advice is what you need to know about buying the best electric blanket or mattress pad to meet your needs.

Up until a couple years ago, we had seen annual technology improvements in the softness of fabrics and in controls. There hasn't been too much in the way of innovation since then except for some fabrics from a new entrant to the marketplace. I canít believe that in 2018 Iím still waiting for an app to turn on the preheat setting from my iPhone!

The most highly rated electric blanket and electric mattress pad by Comfort House customers, and also our most popular one, is manufactured by Perfect Fit Industries (PFI). Marketed under the names SoftHeat, Serta, and Invisiwire (and formerly Chatham & Wells), you will find a large number of reviews for this low voltage electric blanket (pictured above) and mattress pad on our website. These products operate at less than 25 volts as compared to the traditional 120 volts. Perfect Fit calls low voltage "Safe & Warm technology."

Given this is such an established industry, itís been ages since a new manufacturer appeared on the scene until last season when a new brand came to market. The introduction of the Micro Flannel Quilted Heated Blanket has proven a winner. It has seven layers of warmth including two layers of down alternative fill and is available in colors popular with millennials. It also has the much sought after adjustable time shut-off function that can turn off your blanket at a wider range of times than the limited number of other models with this feature. It has been the most trouble-free model of all our electric blankets.

I've been loving my new Micro Flannel Heated Blanket and especially the weight of it. It may be the most substantial weight of any electric blanket I've ever used. Warning: If you're looking for a light weight blanket this is not for you. One customer said she felt the weight defeated the need for an electric blanket because she didn't have to turn it on.

Last year Perfect Fit Industries, known for their low voltage electric blankets, introduced traditional voltage blankets to better compete with Sunbeam and Biddeford. The new PFI blankets have lower prices and an adjustable time auto-off feature.

Foot warming pads are popular for those who wish to keep just their feet warm and can be a less costly alternatively to a heated blanket. Some clients refer to them as our half bed heating pad. Good choices are the Sunbeam electric foot warming pad and our even more versatile electric foot warmer pad that has a pocket to tuck your feet into and can be used while sitting on a couch or lying in bed.

Heated throws fall under the electric blanket category but are made for use in your den instead of your bedroom. They are similar to an afghan that you toss over yourself on the couch only these are an electric version. Electric throws have been around for many years and are sold under such names as Sunbeam Cuddler. They are always a popular holiday gift. One customer told us she used them on her horse but we donít condone the use of heated bedding other than for itís intended purpose on people.

This year for your den we also have a unique heated sofa cover. It is available in chair, loveseat, and sofa sizes. Unlike a slipcover that covers your entire piece of furniture, a heated furniture cover goes over just the main seating area. When choosing this product please note the sofa size heated cover has 2 controls and will require 2 electric outlets be available in order for each of the sitting sides to operate.

Finally for your den, even though this article is about electric bedding, I would be remiss in not mentioning our Cuddle Blanket which is a non-electric foot pocket blanket. It has been a customer favorite for years. Enter item # 16917 into our search box at the top of this page to locate.

To answer the question of what is the best electric blanket to buy, the reliability of the blankets we carry is better than ever. I would simply choose the one that fits my budget. I would also recommend considering an electric mattress pad before making your decision. The popularity of electric mattress pads has surged and for many the decision is not which blanket to buy but should I purchase an electric mattress pad instead of a blanket. Please see our heated mattress pad chart.

Every season I switch my bedding up a bit and this year Iíve gone from using a Sunbeam blanket to the Sunbeam Therapeutic heated mattress pad between my testing of the Quilted Heated Blanket mentioned above. I like it for the cordless control convenience (itís the only such heated topper on the market with a cordless control) and for the 3 heating zones (also an only on the market). I set my upper zone at 1, my middle zone at 3, and my legs at 5. It gets really, really warm. I couldnít imagine anyone being able to sleep at the highest settings.

We've received many requests for a Made in USA electric blanket. Sorry but there hasnít been one for quite a few years; finished goods all come from China but perhaps President Trump will change that. Certain ones though do have their wiring components, or shells, made in USA and sent to China for assembly inside the product.

There is better news for searchers of a Made in USA heated mattress pad. We have one and it's called the Electrowarmth Bed Warmer. Hopefully this line will expand into blankets in the future. It is worth noting that Electrowarmth has not only the standard mattress sizes of twin, full, queen, and king, but also unusual sizes not found elsewhere such as split queen, split king, RV, and truck bunk.

Each year we are contacted by customers who have just received their very first electric blanket or mattress pad, or are replacing a much older one, to let us know it is not getting hot, and therefore, not working. If all you do is plug it in, turn it on, and then feel it to determine whether it is working, we can understand the cause for alarm. However, there is no need for worry since modern heated bedding does not feel hot to the touch. It will be warm when you are underneath or lie on top but it won't be hot to the touch. I suggest you spend the first few days experimenting with the settings until you find your personal comfort level (it did take me a few days of refinement to determine my settings on the multi-zone model). And remember, don't be alarmed if it's not hot to the touch when you try it!

As far as electric blankets that are best rated, we have reviews on many of ours so please take a look. And unlike some other websites, all Comfort House reviews are by Comfort House verified customers.

Now that youíre on the way to loving electric blankets or heated mattress pads, why not explore heated jackets and heated gloves as the next logical step to keeping warm? Wishing you a warm winter.

Jeffrey Gornstein
President & Founder Comfort House
and electric blanket expert for over 20 years

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