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Address Plaques & Custom Signs, Labels & Nameplates, Unique Personalized Gifts,
Engraved Bricks & Picture Frames, Home & Garden Products

Welcome to Comfort House. 2024 is our 33rd year of business. We manufacture and distribute address plaques and custom signs, identification labels and name plates, cut to size panels, personalized gifts, engraved bricks, personalized picture frames, personalized tumblers, and a distinctive assortment of home and garden products and unique gift ideas. We serve clients around the world with one of the most extensive selections of address plaques and address signs found anywhere.

Please begin your custom address plaque search by using our Address Sign Filter. Use tabs at the top of this page to begin your search for additional custom signs and plaques, gifts with engraved personalization, and home and garden products. To request a quote for a custom plaque design or personalized product, please use the Request a Custom Quote link at the top of the page or in the menu bar of your mobile device.

We really appreciate your shopping at Comfort House and supporting small business!