Portable lift-up cushion
Helps you out of any chair

Lift-Up Seat Cushion: Upeasy Lifting Cushion & Uplift Seat Assist
Lift-Up Seat Cushion: Upeasy Lifting Cushion & Uplift Seat Assist
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Portable lift-up cushion
Helps you out of any chair

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If you have trouble getting out of a chair, Upeasy Lifting Cushion and UPlift Seat Assist can help. Upeasy & Uplift are portable lifting cushions that transform any armchair or sofa into a helpful lifting chair. After you begin the rising process, the lifting cushions actively assist by providing the extra boost you need to get to your feet. Just start to stand like you normally would. Upeasy & Uplift will then support up to 70 percent of your weight - - automatically providing the extra lift you need to get into a standing position.

NOTE: Upeasy & Uplift are assistive lifting devices that support up to 70 percent of a person's weight. Users must have 30 percent or more of their own strength to use this product effectively. These lifting cushions do not start working until user is partially off the seat. To rise, simply initiate the standing motion and the Seat Assist curves to gently support you on a level plane as you get up.

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: (1) Make sure you have something to hold on to when getting up. Upeasy/Uplift Seat Assist is designed for use on chairs with arms that offer a suitably stable seating surface. Upeasy/Uplift is not recommended for use in wheelchairs, automobiles, reclining chairs, or office chairs with non-lockable wheels. (2) Always make sure that the chair your Upeasy/Uplift Seat Assist is used on will not slide along the floor. When in doubt, place the chair with its back against a wall or other fixed object. (3) When bending over to pick something up, do not put any weight on your feet. If you do, the Upeasy/Uplift will start to lift you.

Upeasy & Uplift are portable so you can move them from chair to chair, take them outside, or use them in pews, restaurants seats, theaters, classroom chairs, etc.; built-in carrying handle (illustrated above in small photo 3rd from left). No batteries or electricity required. Engineered to support 70 percent of your body weight gently and dependably.

Upeasy Lifting Cushion with high-density, molded foam. Washable polyester cover ensures your comfort, hygiene, and safety. Choose the model closest to your weight: 95-220 pounds (Uplift UPE1 Upeasy) or 200-340 pounds (Uplift UPE3 Upeasy Plus). Color: navy.

Uplift Seat Assist with V-Foam (new!) visco-elastic, slow release, memory foam seat cushion helps protect against pressure sores and provides extra comfort. Waterproof cover of 100 percent polyester is machine washable. Choose the model closest to your weight: 80-230 pounds (UPlift MED-UL 100 Seat Assist) or 195-350 pounds (UPlift MED-UL 300 Plus Seat Assist). Color: black.

Seat dimensions: 19" D x 17" W. Base dimensions: 16" D x15" W. Cushion adds approx. 1" to the height of the chair when seated. Upeasy weighs 10 pounds; Uplift weights 9 pounds. 1-year mfg. warranty.

Operating Instructions:
1) Simply start to get up like you normally would, by leaning forward and pushing off with your arms and/or legs.
2) Uplift will sense you are getting up and support 70 percent of your weight, giving you the lift you need to get up easily on your own.

NOTE TO WELL-MEANING GIFT GIVERS: We discourage giving this item as a gift. In our experience, gift recipients will reject the gift and tell you that they prefer to stand up on their own.

Also referred to as our seat rising cushion.