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Drone Registration Stickers

Drone Registration Stickers - Customized ID Tags Set with FAA Number and If Lost Call Phone Number

Drone Registration Stickers

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  • Unique self adhesive drone registration number label personalized with your FAA registration number. FAA Registered will appear on the top line.
  • This is the larger size of our popular # J0339 drone label set.
  • A second label will include your phone number to call if drone is lost and found.
  • Unlike most other simple labels, ours is manufactured from premium material for harsh operating environments.
  • Made from a multi-level coating on a 0.005" thick aluminum backing.
  • Resistant to UV radiation, abrasion, high temperatures, salt-spray, and many chemicals.
  • Integrated abrasion resistant coating reduces the need to apply a protective topcoat.
  • All text and numbers are permanently engraved into the label, not painted or printed on, and therefore will not fade. Black with silver characters.
  • Size .69" x 2". Easily attached to a flat surface or moderately curved surface with weather resistant adhesive backing.
  • Extremely lightweight and will not affect flight parameters.
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty. Comfort House # J0553 Drone Label set with FAA registration number and if found please call.
  • Custom made to order in USA. Other sizes and configurations available.
  • For special requests please contact us using the Request Custom Quote link at the top of this page on a desktop or in the menu bar of your mobile device.


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