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Balneo Pavilion Outdoor Room

Balneo Pavilion Outdoor Room

Balneo Pavilion Outdoor Room

Item #: 66582F

Balneo Pavilion Outdoor Room and Garden Pavilion - - Read, write, relax, and entertain in a backyard room of your own that harmonizes with nature. Freestanding and fully enclosed outdoor structure can be assembled by a two-person team in two days.

FAVORITE COMFORT FEATURE: This stunning and almost-instant 130 square-foot addition increases the usability of your property and certainly enhances its value.
  • Suitable as a hot tub enclosure.
  • Made of highest quality laminated wood and clear polycarbonate sections.
  • Eight curved sections: four slide open and four are fixed.
  • Clear panels made of 4mm polycarbonate.
  • All wood parts meet EN 14080 and EN 386 standards.
  • Can be placed directly on flat ground.
  • Does not require a concrete slab (which saves on setup costs and may eliminate the need to obtain a building permit depending on your municipality).
  • Fantastic domed roof.
  • Air vent under dome ensures circulation.
  • Includes thermodynamic wind driven fan.
  • Rated for 80 MPH winds.
  • 28 pound/square foot snow capacity.
  • Dimensions: 14'1" diameter x 6'7" high side wall/9'10" high center; weighs 1800 pounds.
  • 5-year mfg. warranty (however, maintenance by owner is required).
Hollow vertical posts can be used to hide electrical wiring for permanent installation of lighting, a sound system, television, heater, and other creature comforts.

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