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Electronic Bird Caller For Purple Martins and Songbirds

Electronic Bird Caller For Purple Martins and Songbirds

Electronic Bird Caller For Purple Martins and Songbirds

Item #: 60669F

Electronic Bird Caller For Purple Martins and Songbirds Easy-to-use, pre-programmed, dual-function electronic bird caller calls beautiful and melodious eastern bluebirds, Baltimore orioles, house wrens, house finches, American goldfinches, and indigo buntings.

The caller reproduces the charming songs of these choosy species, assuring them that others of their kind are thriving in the area. The familiar calls encourage them to visit your feeding station or nest boxes and become delightful regular visitors to your yard.

Entices useful and widely-loved Purple Martins. These desirable, insect-eating birds nest together and will return to the same house year after year. The bird caller mimics the dawnsong heard from every purple martin colony, inviting new arrivals and passing martins to make their home in your purple martin house.

Electronic bird caller was designed in consultation with ornithologists and biologists for maximum realism. Naturally recorded digital output represents multiple individuals, with each song set to play at naturally occurring sound levels and intervals. Volume control lets you call birds from next door or farther away.

Choose purple martins OR songbirds setting. Purple martins chatter for 2 hours at dawn; songbirds sing intermittently from dawn to dusk. OR override the photocell light sensor with a timer for either call series.

Heavy-duty plastic construction. Dimensions: 7"L x 4"W x 5"H; weighs 1 pound. 110 volts; 60 Hz; 0.5 amps; 6 watts; 30' power cord; UL-approved adapter. 6-month mfg. warranty.

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