Monogrammed Agate Geode Slice

Monogrammed Agate Geode Slice
Monogrammed Agate Geode Slice
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Monogrammed Agate Geode Slice

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Monogrammed Agate Geode Slice - - polished on both sides and then engraved with a one- or two-letter monogram. Makes an awesome one-of-a kind birthday, wedding or anniversary gift; Valentine's Day gift; Christmas gift; corporate gift; or housewarming gift. The Comfort House custom geode is an anytime gift with a personal touch that is sure to delight the recipient.
  • Personalization details:
    • Monogrammed with the one or two initials you supply.
  • Because agate is a natural product, every piece of our polished agate is different and unique.
  • Width and height vary from approximately 3" to 5.5".
  • Shapes run from almost round, to oval, to irregular.
  • Coloration is either in the pink/violet/red, green ranges, or blue ranges with variations throughout each piece as seen in the samples shown.
  • Thickness varies from 1/8" up to 1/4".
  • We cannot provide specific sizes, shapes or coloration, but every custom agate will be awesome.
  • Each personalized agate is supplied with a stand to display your work of art.
  • Comfort House P3103.
More about agates: Agate is a mineral of the quartz family formed in volcanic lava thousands of years ago. The name comes from the Achetes River in Sicily, where agates were first found. Agates have been found in nearly every color the earth can produce, including a colorless form. The pink/violet/red green and blue colors of this product are due to atoms of iron, manganese, chromium, nickel, cobalt, and copper infused by heat and pressure into the primeval molten mixtures.

Neolithic artifacts of Agate suggests that the material was used for healing amulets and ornamentation dating back to Babylon. Its medicinal uses continued through the ancient Greek and Egyptian civilizations, and spread throughout Africa and the Middle East into Russia. Agate is still thought to promote the balancing of emotional, physical, and intellectual energy, and in harmonizing yin and yang, the positive and negative forces of the universe. [Judy Hall, The Crystal Bible.]