Personalized Heavy Duty Coco Door Mat

Personalized Coco Door Mat

Personalized Heavy Duty Coco Door Mat

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Personalized Heavy Duty Coco Door Mat - - will remove all the dirt from shoes before they walk through your front door. Custom made to order with the name you supply.
  • Personalized with the name you supply stenciled inside a wide picture frame border.
  • Five popular front door sizes: 22x26, 24x57, 30x48, 36x72, and 38x60.
    • 22x36 door mat holds up to eight (8) 3" characters.
    • 24x57 door mat holds up to eleven (11) 3" characters.
    • 30x48 door mat holds up to ten (10) 3" characters.
    • 36x72 door mat holds up to twelve (12) 4" characters.
    • 38x60 door mat holds up to eleven (11) 4" characters.
    • Characters that can be printed include letters, numbers, hyphen, apostrophe, #, comma, period, &, space, %, slash, @, +, and the exclamation mark.
    • Character count includes punctuation and spaces.
  • Please complete only the input box that matches the door mat size you are ordering. Leave the other four input boxes empty.
  • Mats are made of the highest quality coir fiber extracted from organically grown coconut trees, which is why coco mats are also called coir door mats.
  • Heavy Duty coco mats are the thickest (1.5" 2") and densest of all coir doormats. These mats have a woven base and tufted pile surface.
  • Thanks to the thick, tough bristles, dirt stays outside where it belongs.
  • Durable heavy-duty coir mats stand up to any amount of foot traffic, stay in place, and absorb considerable amounts of moisture from shoes.
  • Naturally mold and mildew resistant and compostable.
  • The finished mat is hand stenciled with color fast dyes.
  • Colors: black, brown, green, and blue.
    • Black comes in all five sizes.
    • Brown comes in all size except 36x72.
    • Green comes in sizes 22x36, 24x57, and 30x48.
    • Blue comes in size 22x36 only.
  • To best preserve your mat, use in sheltered areas and avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight and water. Note: Some color transfer can be expected onto natural stone, concrete, or other surfaces if mat is exposed to the elements.
  • Custom made. Slight variations in size, color and texture are normal and add a special character for each individual mat.
  • Manufacturer's Note: All coir mats are handmade. The edges are as straight as possible, but slight variations may occur. 10 percent dimensional tolerance is accepted in the industry. Coir mats made within the 10 percent dimensional tolerance are not considered defective and therefore will not be replaced.
  • Comfort House P2747.
Caring for your doormat: It is normal for this door mat to shed fibers. An occasional brushing or a good shake will help maintain the mat's appearance and prevent excessive dirt build-up.


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