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Two Color Floating House Number

Floating Modern House Address Number

Two Color Floating House Number

Item #: P3288

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2 Tone Floating Address Number - - aluminum floating modern house number. Made in USA.
  • Dimensional modern house number.
  • 4" high numbers are 0.2" deep. All other sizes are 0.375" deep.
  • All numbers are satin nickel on the front.
  • Exposed side and back are the same color.
  • Nine color combinations: satin nickel/black, satin nickel/taupe, satin nickel/sea blue, satin nickel/hunter green, satin nickel/white, satin nickel/roman bronze, satin nickel/brick red, satin nickel/navy, satin nickel/gray, and satin nickel/sand.
  • Seven sizes:
    • 4" high x 3.56" wide x 0.31" deep; weighs 0.2 pounds.
    • 6" high x 5.5" wide x 0.375" deep; weighs 0.35 pounds.
    • 8" high x 7.19" wide x 0.375" deep; weighs 0.65 pounds.
    • 10" high x 8.94" wide x 0.375" deep; weighs 1.35 pounds.
    • 12" high x 10.75" wide x 0.375" deep; weighs 1.45 pounds.
    • 16" high x 14.25" wide x 0.375" deep; weighs 2.90 pounds.
    • 24" high x 21.25" wide x 0.375" deep; weighs 6 pounds.
  • Recycled cast aluminum construction.
  • Two-step urethane DTM enamel finish is applied and then the front of the number is polished off for a satin nickel two tone finish.
  • Includes mounting hardware.
  • One-year mfg. warranty.
  • Custom made in USA.
  • Comfort House P3288.
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