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Individual House Number Brick

House Number Brick - Individual Bricks Engraved With Numbers or Letters For Address, Name, or Custom Statement

Individual House Number Brick

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Individual 6" High Character House Number Brick - - build your own address sign one brick at a time. String together multiple bricks to build any length address number.
  • Mix number and letter bricks to build a complete address, family name, business name, statement, motto, etc.
  • Order bricks one at a time.
  • Individual full-size 8"H x 8"W street paver bricks are made to order with one 6"H character.
  • Insert directly to a brick wall, sidewalk, pillar, driveway, or entry post.
  • Perfect for residential or commercial use.
  • Bricks are a dark red hue with a finished look.
  • The laser engraving results in a detailed natural black glass surface that is permanent.
  • The black color is a result of the laserís actions on inorganic earth element materials in the brick and uses no paints, plastics, or solvents and qualifies as a "green technology."
  • Slight variation in surface finish and color are normal on bricks.
  • Normal dirt is easily washed away leaving a crisp clear mark.
  • Dimensions: 8"H x 8"W x 2.25".
  • Weight approximately 11 lbs.
  • Custom made for you.
Comfort House P2578. Please order individual number bricks one at a time.


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