Small Arched Address Plaque

Small Arched Address Plaque
Small Arched Address Plaque
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Small Arched Address Plaque

Item #: P3268

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Small Arch Address Plaque - - 12"W x 6"H rectangular sign with a gracefully arched top holds up to six 3" characters. Enter a number in digits or a spelled out number as shown in illustration.
  • The personalized address sign is especially suited to interior room and unit numbering in offices and office parks; hospitality venues; schools; condo, apartment, residential communities, etc.; and on smaller porches and multi-unit communities.
  • Crafted from rust-free recycled aluminum metal.
  • Specially formulated paints have been weather tested to withstand the harshest elements.
  • Color combinations: BG black plaque with gold characters; GG dark green plaque with gold characters; AB antique brass; RG red plaque with gold characters; DG dark blue plaque with gold characters.
  • Or BS black plaque with silver characters; GS dark green plaque with silver characters; RS red plaque with silver characters; DS dark blue plaque with silver characters; WG white plaque with gold characters; WH white plaque with black characters; BW black plaque with white characters; AC antique copper; OG bronze with gold characters; TI taupe with ivory characters; PS pewter with silver characters; OB oil-rubbed bronze.
  • Note: for colors AB antique brass, AC antique copper, and OB oil-rubbed bronze, plaque and characters are the same color, so there is little contrast.
  • Includes mounting hardware.
  • Custom made for you.
  • Comfort House P3268.
Custom address sign made in the USA.