Memory foam and heated bedding

Use of electric blankets or heated mattress pads with a memory foam mattress or topper

On occasion, a client will question whether they can use an electric blanket or electric mattress pad with their memory foam mattress or memory foam topper.

Comfort House has been a leading seller of both heated bedding products and memory foam bedding products for more than 20 years. During this time, we have not received a single complaint or report of a problem about using heated bedding with memory foam. In fact, I have slept on a memory foam mattress for many years and I also use a heated mattress pad every night during the colder seasons.

In January 2008, I asked the Director of the Technical Center at one of the nation's largest producers of memory foam bedding what he could contribute as an answer to the question. He responded that there was no problem with use of a heated mattress pad with memory foam.

Since memory foam is temperature sensitive, please keep in mind it will become softer when heated. As you know if you have a memory foam pillow, it can be hard as a rock when you get into bed depending on room temperature. I use the pre-heat function of my electric mattress pad not only to warm my bed prior to getting into it but also to soften my memory foam pillow.

There are certain types of beds that heated bedding should NOT be used with. Never use an electric blanket or heated mattress pad with a waterbed, a pull-out sofa, or an adjustable bed.

Please be sure to see our large selection of electric blankets and heated mattress pads.

By published 2/1/08, updated 11/1/15

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