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Custom Security Warning Sign
Surveillance Cameras or Anything You Want It To Say

Custom Warning Sign

Custom Security Warning Sign
Surveillance Cameras or Anything You Want It To Say

Item #: CR11085-004

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Personalized Security Warning Sign - - 11" x 8.5" sign holds up to 10 lines of custom text.

Note: The statement 24 Hour Closed Circuit TV Monitoring All Persons & Activities Recorded in the pictured sign is only a sample. Please write any statement or message you want visitors or intruders to see. Your text doesn't even need to be a warning or security or surveillance related; it can be any message at all. Made in USA.
  • Fabricated from UV-stabilized non-rusting 1/8" thick acrylic plastic.
  • Characters are permanently engraved into the sign during the production process, not just painted or printed on the surface.
  • Withstands temperatures to 175-degrees F without deflection.
  • For indoor or outdoor use.
  • Customized with your choice of color and up to 10 lines of text you specify.
  • This sign can hold up to 10 lines of 0.5" characters.
    • Please leave the input boxes empty for all lines you are not using.
    • It is not necessary to fill an input box. Just type in the words that should go on that line.
    • The size of the printing on a given line is determined by the number of characters you enter for that line.
  • Characters per line:
    • Seven (7) 2" characters.
    • Nine (9) 1.5" characters.
    • Eighteen (18) 1" characters.
    • Twenty-five (25) 0.5" characters.
    • Character count includes spaces and punctuation.
  • Nine vivid color combinations: sky blue with white characters; black with white characters; black with gold characters; white with black characters; brushed gold with black characters; brushed stainless with black characters; kelley green with white characters; red with white characters; and yellow with black characters.
  • Comes with 3/16" diameter fastener holes and stainless steel mounting screws.
  • Dimensions: 11" x 8.5" x 1/8".
  • 1-year mfg. warranty.
  • Custom made to order.
  • Comfort House CR11085-004.
Laminated acrylic personalized plaques crafted in the USA by skilled artisans to assure the highest quality.

Note: Please notify us in the comments area of your order form if you would like larger characters or words on any lines such as the large 24 hours in the example sign.


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