Square Blank Panel for Recreational Vehicles

Square Filler Panel for RV, Boat, Home

Square Blank Panel for Recreational Vehicles

Item #: M0230

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Square Blank Panel for RV's - - repair cover panel hides those unsightly holes. Custom made to order.
  • RV owners are constantly upgrading and improving on-board equipment and all-too-often that improvement job leaves unsightly holes in a wall or equipment panel.
  • Save countless hours of your valuable time by using the Comfort House ready to install standard blank plates.
  • Available in either a white or black finish. Panels are reversible, one side is glossy and the other matte finish. Use the side that most closely matches your surroundings.
  • Panels are paintable to match your interior or exterior finish.
  • Available in 3"x3" Square, 4"x4" Square, 6"x6" Square and 8"x8" Square.
  • All panels are available in either 1/8" thick or 1/4" thick styles.
  • All standard panels have four 1/8" diameter mounting holes. If you do not want mounting holes in your panel, choose NO MOUNTING HOLES in the dropdown box.
  • A single round center hole to fit a switch or gauge can be provided in the following standard sizes: 1/2"(.500"), 3/4" (.750"), 2-1/8" (2.125") or 3-3/8" (3.375") for the 4" or larger panel only.
  • Material is UV stabilized acrylic plastic and withstands 175-degree F temperatures without deforming.
  • Each panel is custom made to order.
  • Comfort House item # M0230.
  • For RECTANGULAR blank panels, see Comfort House item # M0229.
  • For ROUND blank panels, see Comfort House item # M0220.
  • For OVAL blank panels, see Comfort House item # M0202.
  • If you require a different size or shape panel, special mounting holes, internal cutouts, or panel engraving, click on the Request Quote tab at the top of your screen on a desktop or in the menu bar of a mobile device.
Also referred to as our RV hole cover, hole cover, RV instrument panel blanks, RV dash panel blanks, filler panel, blank repair panel, wall hole cover, plastic flat back plate, flat panel cover plate, speaker cover, intercom cover, hole cover plate, plastic hole cover plate, and plastic plate to cover hole in wall.


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