Engraved Memorial Brick for Small House Pet

Engraved Memorial Brick for Small House Pet Including Goldfish, Ferret, Hamster, Gerbil, Parrot, Turtle, and Guinea Pig

Engraved Memorial Brick for Small House Pet

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Engraved Memorial Brick for Small House Pet - - personalized memorial for a pet turtle, goldfish, gerbil, hamster, ferret, iguana, and 10 other flying, swimming, and furry house pets. Makes a lasting pet sympathy gift.
  • Individual brick made to order with your pet's name (up to 12 characters) and the outline pet image you select.
  • Eighteen pet images available: angelfish, goldfish, ferret, turtle, parakeet, duck, chicken, frog, iguana, geico, hamster, rabbit, mouse, gerbil, squirrel, parrot, and guinea pig.
  • IN MEMORY OF MY PET is standard on all signs.
  • Place it along your walkway or in your garden.
  • Or add the optional cork base for indoor placement on a mantel, desk, table, or shelf.
  • Half-thickness street paver brick is a dark red hue with a finished look.
  • The laser engraving results in a detailed natural black glass surface that is permanent.
  • The black color is a result of the laserís actions on inorganic earth element materials in the brick and uses no paints, plastics, or solvents and qualifies as a "green technology."
    • Slight variation in surface finish and color are normal on bricks.
  • Normal dirt is easily washed away leaving a crisp clear mark.
  • Cork base is optional.
  • Dimensions: 4"W x 8"L x 1.5".
  • Custom made for your pet.
  • Comfort House P2233.


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