Engraved Brick Pet Memorial with Dog's Name

Engraved Brick Pet Memorial with Dog's Name

Engraved Brick Pet Memorial with Dog's Name

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Brick Pet Memorial Engraved with Dog's Name - - Celebrate the loving memory of your pet with this personalized memorial brick along your walkway or in your garden. Makes a lasting pet sympathy gift.
  • With the addition of the optional cork base, this brick can be used inside on a mantel, desk, table, or shelf.
  • Our half-thickness street paver bricks are a dark red hue with a finished look.
  • The laser engraving results in a detailed natural black glass surface that is permanent.
  • The black color is a result of the laserís actions on inorganic earth element materials in the brick and uses no paints, plastics, or solvents and qualifies as a "green technology."
    • Slight variation in surface finish and color are normal on bricks.
  • Normal dirt is easily washed away leaving a crisp clear mark.
  • The brick displays dog's name, year or birth and death, and optional dog breed image you select from the chart above (click on chart to enlarge).
    • Line 1 is for your dog's name and holds up to twelve (12) 1" characters.
    • Please enter the First year and Last year in this format: 20XX.
    • If you do not want an image, enter no image.
  • Cork base is optional.
  • Dimensions: 4"W x 8"L x 1.5".
  • Custom made.
  • Comfort House P2228.
Pet Memorial Bricks engraved by Comfort House in New Jersey, USA.

Dog list: pug, dachshund, chihuahua, jack russell, king charles, shih tzu, yorkshire terrier, pomeranian, maltese, bichon frise, corgi, chow chow, beagle, cocker spaniel, westie, Boston terrier, labrador, labradoodle, great dane, boxer, German shephard, dalmation, poodle, bull mastif, golden retriever, border collie, husky, weimeraner, grey hound, shar pei, Australian shephard, bernese mountain, great pyrenees, bull terrier, newfoundland, bassett hound, pointer, puggle, bulldog, rottweiller, pitbull, vizsla, st bernard, akita, shetland sheepdog, bloodhound, Irish setter, komondor, otterhound, beauceron, coonhound, schnauzer, shiba inu, norfolk terrier, maltipoo, Mexican hairless, Afghan hound, britanny, cockapoo, chinook, doberman, pekingese, whippet, basenji, bolognese, English setter, fox terrier, field spaniel, goldador, havenese, japanese chin, keeshond, American Eskimo, American hairless terrier, leopard hound, American water hound, anatolian shephard, bergamasco, berger picard, boerboel, borzoi, braco italiano, cane corso, coton de tulear, papilion, plothound, pumi, xoloitzcuintle, Tibetan mastiff, samoyed, schipperke, rhodesian ridgeback, Russian toy, mudi, Alaskan klee kai, staffordshire terrier, jindo, Irish terrier, Italian grey hound, and hovawart.

Image above of seven bricks accompanied Brian's review below.

Product Reviews

  Dog brick memorials ,
Posted By: - verified customer   Location: Philadelphia PA   How often do you shop at Comfort House: first time
The bricks look great and fit just enough characters on them. I pray they hold up well in the elements 👍🏻
  In Memory of our Tessa,
Posted By: - verified customer   Location: IL   How often do you shop at Comfort House: first time
This memory brick marks the last resting place of our Brittany Tessa. The brick is well made, easy to read and matches 4 other bricks in our memory garden at the farm.


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