Leaderboard Name Sticker For Your Bike - Better Than A Vinyl Decal

Leaderboard Name Sticker For Your Bike - Better Than A Vinyl Decal

Leaderboard Name Sticker For Your Bike - Better Than A Vinyl Decal

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Unlike a vinyl decal, our new leaderboard name sticker is much easier to apply to your bike or treadmill, produced from 1/32" thick acrylic, and has a little bit of depth to it instead of being flat. It has a peel and stick back which is substantially easier to apply than a decal and since it has some flex to it you can put it on curved surfaces such as the bike cross bar. (We do make leaderboard decals too and they cost under $10; if you're interested in a decal instead just let us know).

Our standard size which is pictured on the cross bar is approx. 9" wide x 1" tall. If your name has a letter with a tail, such as the g above, it will be add 1/4" to the height. If you have an i or dotted letter, the dot will be a separate piece to mount (we can make it all one piece too with the dot sitting on top if you like but the separate dot adds coolness).

Custom sizes are available if you wish to apply to other parts of your bike, such as adding your group name to the feet, or if you would like to make it wider for a treadmill.

We make this in numerous colors but we like red and white the best. Black is pretty neat too since it has some depth but it will be harder to see than the other colors.

The sticker has a weather resistant adhesive back (not like you take your Peloton outdoors) but this is an indicator of the strength of it. Please clean your surface first (we use rubbing alcohol and wait for it to dry) and then just pull of the protective film and push in place in a second.

Made in USA. Please spread the word. Thank you #LBsignsmade4you

Also referred to as our custom bike decal or bike name decal. If you require a different size or style please let us know.


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