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Custom Stencil - - made just for you on a black 12" x 24" flexible acrylic sheet. Say Anything Stencil on up to three lines. Example shown here is Secure Area. Made in USA.
  • Need to "put your mark" on boxes, fences, floors, walls, etc?
  • Ever wished you had a really easy way to accomplish the project? Try a Custom Stencil.
  • Comfort House will deliver your stencil with the characters of your choice. Three different sizes available.
  • Create your own one-line, two-line, or three-line stencil.
  • Please note that the number of lines determines both the number of characters on each line as well as the size of those characters.
    • On a three-line sign (CLS2), each line holds up to twelve (12) 2" characters.
    • On a two-line sign (CLS4.5), each line holds up to six (6) 4.5" characters.
    • On a one-line sign (CLS10), there are two (2) jumbo 10" characters.
    • Character count includes spaces.
    • All characters will be made in upper case (caps).
    • Please leave the input box empty for any line you are not using.
  • The stencil material is a black 12" x 24" flexible acrylic plastic sheet 1/32" thick, which should give a long service life.
  • The flexibility also allows the stencil to be used on slightly curved materials.
  • Comfort House # CLS.
How to use your custom stencil: Secure your stencil to the surface to be marked and trace or spray paint your markings through it. Designed for repeated use.

For other stencil sizes or configurations, or for symbols such as wheelchair, recycle, biohazard, or directional arrow, please use the the Request Custom Quote link at the top of this page.

Some common uses: Six Feet, Keep Your Distance, Pay Here, Cardboard Only, Aluminum Only, Paper Only, Glass Only, Plastic Only, Handicap Space, No Smoking, Recycle, Exit, No Parking, Reserved Spot, Reserved For Name, Watch Your Step, No Dumping, This Way, No Parking, Reserved, No Diving, No Running, Shallow, Danger, Deep Water, Area 1.


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