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Truck deliveries

Truck deliveries:
If delivery by common carrier truck (common carrier means not a small package delivery service like UPS, Fedex, DHL) is required it will be stated in the product advertisement. There is no additional cost for truck delivery beyond the amount that appears at checkout except as outlined below.

Special situation truck deliveries are subject to additional costs including but not limited to waiting time (usually charged in 15 minute increments if you are not available to accept delivery when the truck arrives), storage fees (typically charged after day 3 or 4 if you are not available to accept delivery --- for example if you are on vacation), redelivery fees (truck has to come back a 2nd time because the first delivery attempt made was unsuccessful), steps, narrow roads, and any services that you provide the trucking company instruction to perform that are not included in the delivery description of the item ordered.

In addition, truck companies assess a limited access location fee which include but are not limited to storage units, churches, schools, construction sites, fairs, prisons, military bases, and mines.

You are responsible for payment of all additional costs assessed by the trucking company. For items that have free shipping, you will still be responsible for these additional costs. Comfort House has no control over these additional costs. Your credit card will be charged if we are notified by the trucking company of additional costs.

In addition, if you have a situation where a truck delivery may pose difficulty (for example you live on an island only accessible by ferry, or on a narrow road, or on the 22nd floor of a highrise), it is your responsibility to notify us at time of order so that appropriate arrangements can be made.

Only 1% of our truck deliveries incur additional costs, however, we want you to be prepared just in case you are in that 1%. If you're unsure if your delivery situation is special or would require additional cost, feel free to contact us prior to placing your order.

Please inspect your delivery by truck carefully before signing for it. We can not accept responsibility for damage unless it is noted on the delivery receipt and reported to us immediately.


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