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Border Wall Brick

Border Wall Brick - A Brick For Your Wall Mr. President

Border Wall Brick

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Mr. President A Brick For Your Mexican Wall - a real street paver brick with a dark red hue permanently engraved with this special Presidential message. You can also engrave your own message (see below).

This laser engraved brick produces a permanent black glass surface as a result of the laser's actions on inorganic earth element materials in the brick. The process uses no paints, plastics, or solvents and thereby qualifies as a "green technology."

Dimensions: 4"W x 8"L x 1.5" thick.

You can also write whatever message you wish to say to express your opinion for or against the wall by ordering Comfort House # P2253 engraved brick. Other popular wordings are Mr. President A Brick For Our Wall, Beautiful Brick, President Trump Use For Your Wall, What A Waste, and End The Shutdown.


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