Small Custom Metal Plaque - Door Sign

 Small Custom Metal Plaque - Restroom Door Sign

Small Custom Metal Plaque - Door Sign

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Small Custom Metal Plaque often used as a restroom door sign - - personalized small 8.75" x 3.5" rectangle sign holds up to five uppercase 2" characters. Made in USA.
  • Wording on this sign is not limited to MEN and WOMEN. You can specify up to five numbers or a mix of letters and numbers.
    • Popular alternate text includes: MOM and DAD, JOHN and LINDA, BOYS and GIRLS, HIS and HERS (on home closets, for example), COATS and BOOTS, EXIT, IN and OUT.
    • Also used as a door number plaque or house address sign.
  • Use the personalization input box to specify your text. Please use uppercase letters only for this sign.
  • Wall mount hardware included.
  • Crafted from rust-free recycled aluminum metal.
  • Specially formulated paints have been weather tested to withstand the harshest elements.
  • Color combinations: BG black plaque with gold characters; GG dark green plaque with gold characters; AB antique brass; RG red plaque with gold characters; DG dark blue plaque with gold characters.
  • Or BS black plaque with silver characters; GS dark green plaque with silver characters; RS red plaque with silver characters; DS dark blue plaque with silver characters; WG white plaque with gold characters; WH white plaque with black characters; BW black plaque with white characters; AC antique copper; OG bronze with gold characters; TI taupe with ivory characters; PS pewter with silver characters; OB oil-rubbed bronze.
  • Note: for colors AB antique brass, AC antique copper, and OB oil-rubbed bronze, plaque and characters are the same color, so there is little contrast.
  • Dimensions: 8.75"W x 3.5"H.
  • Custom made for you.
  • Comfort House 68535.
This sign is a smaller version of our Directional Arrow sign # 68534 making it easy to maintain a consistent color scheme throughout various signage applications.


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