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Dream Saver

Dream Saver

Dream Saver

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Dream Saver Don't you wish you could remember all the details of last night’s dreams? Now, with Dream Saver, you can relive your dreams in their entirety. No more blank areas. Remember that elusive formula you dreamt about or bring back the memory of that date you barely remember.

Called the Invention Of The Century in social media, our amazing new Dream Saver dream recording device is derived from NSA spying technology.

Just wear the simple Wi-Fi enabled sleep cap (see main image above), turn your recorder on and voila, your dream can be saved forever. Choose from 720i or HD models. The 720i model (DreamBW-100) records in black and white and will capture dreams lasting up to 30 minutes. The HD version (DreamC-100) records in full living color and will capture dreams lasting up to 60 minutes. Sound on both models is recorded in high definition stereo.

After simple adjustment to your sleep patterns, both models record with the simple touch of a button. Playback can be done at half-speed, full speed or 2X speed. Includes two dream caps, master control and recorder, and 23" diagonal LCD monitor (not shown).

  • 110V, 1.75 A
  • 720i Black & White or 1081i Color
  • 100 GB Hard drive
  • 8 GB Ram
  • Patent Pending
Happy April Fool's Day 2015.


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