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Heated Bedding Warranty Help

Many people confuse Comfort House as the manufacturer and we receive lots of emails and phone calls everyday requesting assistance with heated bedding products purchased from Amazon, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond and sometimes even from us. It doesn't help any that the big retailers are also confused and send their customer's to us for warranty help. Comfort House is not the manufacturer but we have created these guidelines to assist you with warranty service.

For brand new blankets or mattress pads not heating out of the box, if your blanket or mattress pad does not feel hot to the touch when you've placed it on your bed and turned it on then it's likely working properly.Heated blankets and mattress pads do not feel hot to the touch. They are designed to produce enough heat to keep you plenty warm and comfortable while you sleep. They are not designed to produce enough heat to make the bed hot. If you have not actually slept with the product, please try sleeping with it first to confirm that it's not producing warmth. After that, the most common reason for a blanket or mattress pad not warming at all is the control cord is not connected securely. Remove the cord and reconnect it.

Perfect Fit - In June 2020 Perfect Fit informed us that after 85 years they had closed and gone out of business. We have been informed that since they are out of business the manufacturer's warranty will no longer be honored. This includes SoftHeat, Serta, and all other Perfect Fit low voltage bedding products.

Sunbeam - Sunbeam heated bedding products have a 5 year manufacturer's warranty. Please contact Sunbeam at 800-892-7684.

Shavel - Shavel heated blanket products have a 5 year manufacturer's warranty. Please contact Shavel at 609-452-1800 ext. 10.


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