Electric Blanket Reviews

Electric Blanket Reviews

Electric Blanket Review by October 2013 - As the cold air begins to settle in, this is among the busiest times of the year for electric blanket and heated mattress pad sales. The following tips are what you need to know about purchasing this year's "models." (Yes, electric blankets are like cars...there are new models every year.)

In prior years we've seen technology improvements in the softness of fabrics and in controls. This year there have been virtually no changes in fabrics and actual downgrades to control features which makes me wonder if perhaps we've gone as far as we can with incremental improvements to heated bedding. I do hope they keep going though until I can turn on the preheat setting of my blanket from my iPhone.

In fabrics, Sunbeam RoyalMink blanket, which is currently on my bed, continues to be among the softest I've ever felt. Softness is achieved by use of smaller yarns and you will pay more for this luxury.

Unfortunately our favorite high-tech controller introduced last year has been phased out because the cost to manufacturer it was too expensive. We have taken in the remaining supplies for our premium heated mattress pad and should have enough to complete the season. The big standout on this controller is the selectable auto-off function. You can select your automatic shut-off timer for 2, 6, or 10 hours. Some clients are very particular about wanting to do this and no other control offers this feature.

The best rated electric blanket by Comfort House customers continues to be manufactured by Perfect Fit. Also marketed under the SoftHeat and Serta brands, we receive more reviews on this brand than any other. This is a low voltage electric blanket which has generated lots of interest for the past few years. It operates at less than 25 volts as compared to the traditional 120 volts. Perfect Fit calls this "Safe & Warm technology."

Foot warming pads continue to rise in popularity for those who wish to keep just their feet warm and can be a less costly alternatively to a heated mattress pad. Good choices are the Sunbeam electric foot warming pad which is back in production this year after taking a couple year break and our even more versatile electric foot warmer pad that has a pocket to tuck your feet into and can be used while sitting on a couch or lying in bed.

Speaking of couch, there is one new product introduction to report this year. It's not a heated bed blanket but a heated throw which still falls under the electric bedding category. Heated throws are similar to an afghan that you toss over yourself on the couch only these are an electric version. Throws themselves have been around for years but for the first time there is a throw large enough for 2 people. The new extra large throw is made from a soft microplush fabric. We think Sunbeam's new 2-person electric throw is going to be a holiday gift favorite! Rumor is later on this year we'll also be adding a heated couch cover to our line.

To answer the question of what is the best electric blanket to buy, the reliability of the blankets we carry is better than ever. I would simply choose the one that fits my budget. I would also recommend considering an electric mattress pad before making your decision. The popularity of electric mattress pads has surged and for many the decision is not which blanket to buy but should I buy an electric mattress pad vs. a blanket.

Lately we've received many requests for a Made in USA electric blanket. Sorry folks but there just isn't one anymore. The closest we come to heated bedding Made in USA are heated mattress pads such as the Electrowarmth Bed Warmer. Made in USA still means more costly for mattress pads but many customers are now demanding it. Hopefully Electrowarmth will expand into blankets in the future.

In addition, we are frequently contacted by customers who have just received their very first electric blanket or mattress pad, or are replacing a much older one, to let us know it is not getting hot, and therefore, not working. If all you do is plug it in, turn it on, and then feel it to determine whether it is working, we can understand the cause for alarm. However, there is no need to be alarmed since modern electric blankets do not feel hot to the touch. They will be warm when you are underneath them but they won't be hot to the touch. We suggest you spend the first few days experimenting with the settings until you find your personal comfort level. And remember, don't be alarmed if it's not hot to the touch when you try it!

Now that you love your electric blanket or heated mattress pad, why not explore heated clothing as the next logical step. Have a warm winter.

Jeffrey Gornstein
Comfort House

Updated October 2013 (Originally written January 2012)

Note: This document is also referred to as our Heated Mattress Pad Reviews.

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