Sunbeam Therapeutic heated mattress pad

Sunbeam Therapeutic heated mattress pad
Sunbeam Therapeutic heated mattress pad
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Sunbeam Therapeutic heated mattress pad

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Sunbeam therapeutic mattress pad - - Introducing the ultimate in heated mattress pads. The Sunbeam Rest & Relieve therapeutic mattress pad has 3 customized warming zones per person: head/shoulders, mid-section, and legs. Each of the 3 zones has 10 warming settings. If you like only your legs really warm, or only your upper body warm, or just truly customized comfort, then this is the mattress pad for you!

Wireless control with back-lit display, pre-heat, and 10-hour auto off that can be disabled if not desired. You will receive one control that has separate zone, temperature, and pre-heat functions for left and right side of bed. Click on small image above to view control in greater detail.

200 Thread Count 100% cotton top; polyester bottom. 7 oz. fill, spandex/nylon skirt fits mattresses up to 24" thick. 3 year mfg. warranty. Imported.

Available in queen, king, and California king.

Comfort House tested and approved for quality, comfort, performance, and ease of use.

SAFETY INFORMATION: Never use electric mattress pads with infants, invalids, anyone who cannot operate the controls properly, diabetics or anyone who is insensitive to heat, or anyone who cannot understand the directions. Never use your electric blanket with a waterbed, a pull-out sofa, or an adjustable bed. Never use in combination with any other electric pads or blankets. Keep dogs, cats, and other pets away from electric blankets.

Note: Some customers refer to this item as our three zone heated mattress pad.

Sunbeam Therapeutic Mattress Pad has 19 user ratings 4.9 out of 5 stars

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Sunbeam Therapeutic heated mattress pad
Item #: 11634

Regular Price: $169.99
Today's Deal: $129.99
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Product Reviews

  Sunbeam therapeutic heated mattress pad, October 21, 2014
Posted By: michelle ecker   Location: United States   How often do you shop at Comfort House: first time
Excellent heating pad, love the fact that each side can be heated seperately, also love the different zones because my feet are always freezing!!!! Also, heats up fast and gets nice and toasty. I have had electric blankets in the past that barely warmed up. Can't say enough good about this mattress pad.
  Solution for the one control problem, June 14, 2014
Posted By: NWGal   Location: Seattle area   How often do you shop at Comfort House: occasionally
I second all of the good things that others have said about this warm and relaxing pad. I love the choice of heating zones and really like that I can choose "no heat" for my head. Now- about the ridiculous choice to provide one control for two people in a king sized bed... well I'm just wondering where the designers heads were. It makes it impossible to change your settings during the night without climbing over the person who has the controls. So set them when you go to bed and you are stuck for the night- unless you follow this tip- VELCRO the controls to the center of your headboard. Just place industrial strength velcro (yes, there is such a thing) to the back of the controller and the headboard and stick it in the middle. Both people can reach it and it can be pulled off to change the batteries. If you don't do this then, I suggest, that you only use this mattress pad if you sleep alone.
  Much Appreciated, April 18, 2014
Posted By: Trevor Smith   Location: Spruce Grove, AB, Canada   How often do you shop at Comfort House: first time
I was the victim of a distracted driver in late 2012.

After spending almost a full year in hospital, I finally got to come home. I quickly found that changes in barometric pressure and humidity levels caused me great pain and reduced movement in the mornings trying to mobilize myself..

After receiving this product, with its selectable zone control, I was able to counteract the vertebrae spinal stiffness / joint pain that previously limited me so severely. I am now able to get out of bed much more quickly and without the assistance of my wife. You can only imagine my relief at 44 years of age not to feel as if I were decades older.

The pad has made my life much easier to bear and I look forward to many years of comfort with it. I no longer have to take dilaudid (morphine) to get up in the morning. I sleep well and no longer cry out in pain in the middle of the night. I cannot stress how this simple purchase has benefited both myself in the way I wake up and see each day and for my wife - who despaired of me ever achieving any sense of independence again. She sleeps better just knowing that she doesn't have to be on call to me 24/7 any longer.
  Heavenly Sleep, March 7, 2014
Posted By: Jessica   Location: NJ   How often do you shop at Comfort House: first time
I simply love this heated mattress. I purchased the King and it works perfectly. I no longer have to get into a cold bed. I am using this on a memory foam mattress. You can not feel the coils. This is heavenly. The mattress pad as dual controls so only one side of the bed can be heated at any temperature.
  Best heating mattress pad, February 13, 2014
Posted By: Serge   Location: NH   How often do you shop at Comfort House: first time
Need I say more
  Ideal Comfort, June 17, 2013
Posted By: Ron Lawhead   Location: Gatlinburg, Tennessee   How often do you shop at Comfort House: first time
The Sunbeam Therapeutic Mattress Pad is ideal for warmth and comfort allowing for 3 zone settings for each side of the bed. An added convenience is the wireless remote that can be easily placed on either nightstand. We have a Sleep Number Bed and the mattress pad fit quite well.
  Heated Mattress Pad, June 16, 2013
Posted By: Jan   Location: New Mexico   How often do you shop at Comfort House: first time
Overall, we're pretty happy with this mattress pad. A couple of suggestions: Two controls would be nice instead of having to share one. Also, it is a little hot on the lowest settings. Would like it to be a little cooler. Otherwise, very comfy, and happy we changed from an electric blanket.
  sunbeam heated mattress pad, May 15, 2013
Posted By: Melvin elrose   Location: B.C. & California   How often do you shop at Comfort House: first time
excellent choice. We already had one at our California winter location and purchased this one for use in British Columbia. Love the individual wireless control. Mel
  Absolutely Perfect!!!, January 15, 2013
Posted By: David Calder   Location: Plainfield, Illinois   How often do you shop at Comfort House: first time
I purchased this item after doing some research on electric blankets and other electric mattress pads. My wife had been complaining for months about being cold. I on the otherhand am usually quite warm so I needed something that could be warm on her side of the bed and only warm on my side when I wanted to be warmer. The Sunbeam Theraputic Mattress Pad is the perfect answer. Of course I wanted it for Christmas and of course I waited until the last minute (the Friday before Christmas.) The Comfort House had the product in stock when noone else did, and the customer service representative helped me get the product in time for Christmas. Comfort house has definately earned my business. The whole experience, the product, the service, everything was "absolutely perfect"
  Excellent Comfort, January 9, 2013
Posted By: Gary Tompkins   Location: Lake Arrowhead, CA   How often do you shop at Comfort House: first time
We placed the mattress pad under a 3" foam cover. It performs extremely well in that mode. The varied settings (three areas for two people) are especially appreciated. BTW, our three cats love it too!
  Great Product!, November 6, 2012
Posted By: Marty   Location: Avondale PA   How often do you shop at Comfort House: first time
I have slept in a waterbed for the last 15 years and have moved and cannot use it here so I was shopping for a heated mattress pad. I read the reviews on this product and thought it sounded like
what I would be looking for. It was more expensive than others but I am totally happy with it. Easy set up and the wires were easy to deal with. It heats fast and is very even. No wires to the control is another plus. I use it at the lowest setting and it is still a little too warm. ..
  Sunbeam Therapeutic, November 3, 2012
Posted By: Susan   Location: New York   How often do you shop at Comfort House: first time
Year after year we buy a new electric blanket and we are never 100% satisfied with it. We decided to try an electric mattress pad instead. Well, this time we are 100% pleased and will look no further. The mattress pad delivers! It provides more heat than you can ever imagine. Of course, you can dial it down. The 3 zones are great. I always have cold feet so I turn up this area and turn down the others. Three addressable zones per side = comfort for both people. The wireless/cordless remote is very nice too.
  The best!, October 10, 2012
Posted By: Toni   Location: Cincinnati, Ohio   How often do you shop at Comfort House: occasionally
Have had several heated mattress pads in the past few years and this one is by far the best! Heats very quickly and evenly. I recommend highly!
  Sunbeam theapeutic heated mattress pad, December 19, 2011
Posted By: Sandy Z   Location: Illinois   How often do you shop at Comfort House: first time
My husband loves this mattress pad. I turn on the control for my side before I go to bed just to warm the foot area and then turn it off when I go to bed. But he uses it all night and we're both happy.
  Very Pleased, December 2, 2011
Posted By: Bonnie S. Forkosh   Location: United States   How often do you shop at Comfort House: first time
The therapeutic mattress pad works beautifully and fast. It was easy to set up, and makes for getting in to a toasty bed all winter
  We love it, November 29, 2011
Posted By: Nout   Location: VA   How often do you shop at Comfort House: first time
We love this mattress pad. It heats quick and fits the bed.
  Love this, November 8, 2011
Posted By: Errin   Location: High Rockies Colorado   How often do you shop at Comfort House: first time
We love this, what a find. Besides having seperate elements for each person. You each have 3 zones to control. I hate a warm pillow. This unit lets me heat just where I want it. Perfect I am amazed. Not sure how warm it will get we only set it at 1-2 here in the Rockies. Great product
  Marvelous Mattress Pad, October 13, 2011
Posted By: A Orange   Location: Tallahassee FL   How often do you shop at Comfort House: occasionally
This mattress pad is absolutely wonderful! It actually gets nice and warm and does so very quickly. It has so many features, preheat, customized settings for each side that it remembers, WIRELESS remote (yay no more cords on the night tables!), etc.
And the mattress pad itself is thick and padded. The only remote (we are actually going to order a second mattress pad for wash day and are hoping to be able to set up the other remote to work for the other side), there are still quite a lot of cords but they are under the bed (make sure not to sandwich them between mattress and box spring) and a problem which won't affect most people, there is no separate on and off switch, just one switch for both which is a problem for my husband who is blind.
  SUPER Mattress Pad, December 17, 2010
Posted By: Rebecca   Location: Austin, TX   How often do you shop at Comfort House: first time
It won't allow me to leave 1/2 stars, but I would actually give this 4.5 out of 5 stars. To explain, the mattress pad fits our KING pillow topped mattress fantastically, is comfortable, and is everything they claim it to be, HOWEVER, (BIG HOWEVER HERE!) you may find if your home is technologically inclined and you have wireless gadgets here and there that you might have a little bit of difficulty getting the heater to actually work at all. We have baby monitors which are 900 mHz, and a 2.4 gHz wireless video monitor, as well as the run of the mill wireless N wifi, and an odd band "Microwave internet service" that interferes with everything, so initially the heater DID NOT WORK whatsoever.. this is where you read the manual, it will explain how to overcome having two of the same type of heater in your home, not that other items may interfere.. We didn't have two mattress heaters in the home, so I deduced that we had some interference going on with some gadget in the house and followed the frequency change instructions in the owner's manual.. NOW we're all toasty, and comfy.. so far.. so I will take away 1/2 a star and hopefully we won't have a recurring problem after I post this.. took me about an hour of reading and fiddling around to get it to work.. long and short, if your pad isn't heating, don't automatically assume it is broken, it's just a little interference..
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