What to Expect from Your Warmrails Heated Towel Stand or Heated Towel Shelf

What to expect from your Warmrails product

Warmrails heated towel stands and heated towel shelves use a new dry-element technology called Filatherm™, which is similar to the elements used in radiant under-floor heating for energy-efficient heat.

Warmrails heated towel stands and shelves are designed to run continuously 24/7 and to both dry and warm your towels. Cost to run is similar or less than the cost of running a regular light bulb.

  • In general, if you use a bath towel in the evening, it will be dry and warm when you use it in the morning. For fastest drying time, have fewer layers of towels so the moisture can pass through quickly.
  • For maximum warmth, use multiple layers of towels to trap the heat. The more layers and the more towels the better.
  • If your Warmrails is not running continuously, allow at least 2 to 3 hours for the warmth to build up in the fibers of the towel. (NOTE: Don't expect to have warm towels in 10 minutes - - only a tumble dryer can heat towels so quickly).
  • Illuminated off/on switch.

Usage information from the manufacturer: For maximum warmth, remember layers, layers, layers. Because toweling is made of loose fibers, a single layer of towel means that the heat simply passes through the towel. This is great when you just want your towels to dry quickly, as the heat takes the moisture with it. But in winter when you want towels the warmest, this technique isn't going to give you much satisfaction. Try experimenting with how many layers you fold your towel into. Also remember that the very outer layer of towel may be quite cold, because cold air is circulating around the bathroom, basically taking the heat with it as it moves past your towel. In this case (or you have a particularly drafty or air conditioned bathroom), try placing an additional towel on top of the towel you want warmest. The extra towel will have an insulating effect, and the towels beneath will be toasty warm.

Recommended for use year-round. Even in the humid summer months the Warmrail will keep your towels dry and stop them from smelling musty. In addition, although Warmrails aren't designed to heat rooms, they do help to reduce dampness in poorly ventilated bathrooms. This is great news for rooms that suffer from mold and mildew growth.

Additional uses for Warmrails - - Try putting your coats, jackets, and mittens on the Warmrail to make them nice and warm the next time you want to wear them. Perfect for drying ski and snowboarding clothing. Warmrails can also be used to gently dry delicate laundry items that can't be tumbled dry.

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