Outdoor trashcan bin

Glaro H2001 SA Canopy Top Wastemaster Outdoor Trash Can
Glaro H2001 SA Canopy Top Wastemaster Outdoor Trash Can
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Outdoor trashcan bin

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Glaro H2001 SA / Glaro H2001 BE Canopy Top Wastemaster Outdoor Trashcan Bin - - This beautiful indoor outdoor waste receptacle delivers upscale style, function, and durability to outdoor areas. Large, easy-access funnel openings encourage people to deposit waste in the receptacle rather than on the ground. 33 gallon capacity.

Canopy top helps prevent rainwater, sleet, and snow from entering the inner container. Designed for tough outdoor use, these attractive trashcan bins are also appropriate for indoor settings.

Galvanized steel removable inner receptacle with full, lift-out handle and rust-proof aluminum bottom. Double safe fire protection: inner container provides a second metal layer to help confine fires while the all-metal outer receptacles canopy top directs CO2 back into the receptacle, helping to extinguish the fire.

Dimensions: 20" diameter x 42" high; weighs 35 pounds. Finishes: satin aluminum finish with clear protective coating (shown above) or satin brass finish that incorporates a special non-tarnish brass coating baked onto the aluminum.

Made to order.