EWS PRO lightning detection system

Skyscan EWS-PRO2 Professional Lightning Detector
Skyscan EWS-PRO2 Professional Lightning Detector
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EWS PRO lightning detection system

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Skyscan EWS PRO Portable Lightning Detector & Early Warning System - - EWS-PRO detects lightning strikes more than 40 miles away. EWS-PRO helps you make an informed decision on when to evacuate an area and when it's safe to resume outdoor activities.

This self-contained early warning system accurately tracks a storm's approach with a loud 95-decibel horn and large LED visual alerts. LED alerts tell you when the storm is moving towards, away, or parallel to your position. The audible horn can be set to any strike range. Built-in 12-volt rechargeable power source, operating for 7+ days per charge.

Applications: construction, mining & drilling sites; golf courses; airports; outdoor events, boating & concerts; sports training facilities; water parks and beaches, outdoor recreation programs.

Dimensions: 10.0"W x 5"D x 9.0"H; weighs about 8 pounds. 1-year mfg. warranty. Made in USA. Model EWSP. Special order.