Electronic Rodent Repeller

Ultra Rodent Repeller
Ultra Rodent Repeller
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Electronic Rodent Repeller

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Three Speaker Non Toxic Rodent Repeller broadcasts a highly complex intense sound that creates an environment hostile to rodents. Mice and rats will naturally try to avoid taking up residency and nesting in the affected space.

Ultra three speaker rodent repeller broadcasts at a range of approximately 110db measured at 1 meter from the speaker in a 180-degree arc, broadcasting both front and sides for improved perimeter coverage. For use in homes, warehouses, offices, restaurants, garages, farms, ranches. Environmentally safe and silent to humans and pets.

Featuring solid state components with direct plug-in design, the Rodent Repeller produces complex sound waves in a sweeping frequency range of 32 to 64 kHz. The complex signal pulses at 60 to 80 times per second. Rodents easily hear the sound generated in rooms up to approximately 800 square feet of unobstructed space. Rodents however, cannot adapt to the complex signal that is constantly changing, which may increase the effectiveness of this pest chaser.

Usage Notes: The physical properties of ultrasonic sound prevent ultrasonic sound waves from penetrating solid objects like walls and floors. Therefore it is recommended to place one rodent repeller in each room of the location being treated for rodents. Ultrasonic waves are highly directional and will bounce off of hard surfaces to fill an enclosed area with high-intensity echoes. Hard surfaces are cement, brick, glass, tile, etc. On the other hand, ultrasound is absorbed and dampened by soft surfaces, such as hay bales, feed sacks, stacked linens, etc. Rodent Repeller will not be effective if placed behind furniture.


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