HydraSoar cleaning pole

Mr. LongArm HydraSoar Water Fed Telescoping Pole
Mr. LongArm HydraSoar Water Fed Telescoping Pole
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HydraSoar cleaning pole

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Mr. LongArm Water Fed Telescoping Cleaning Poles - - Patented HydraSoar® water-fed telescoping extension pole attaches to your garden hose. Clean decks, awnings, trucks, aircraft, decks, boats, pools, sidings, etc. Specially designed, task-specific brushes are sold separately below.

Deluxe foam-covered handle makes it ideal for use with hot or cold running water. Aluminum inner tube.

Comes with heavy-duty chuck-and-collet locking device. Standard threaded end accepts most non-restrictive flow through brushes. Pole adjusts from 4.5' to 8' in length. Reach is approximately 13' based on average-height user of 5'5".

Connects to standard garden hose (not included) that has a flow control shut-off valve.

Build your own cleaning system by starting with the HydraSoar pole. Then add a brush (sold below) for the job you are doing.

  • Mr. LongArm 0406 non-restrictive, chemical-resistant, marine grade stiff brush. It works well with your favorite deck cleaner to revitalize your deck. Also for fishing boats and boat decks, wheels, wood products, siding, and concrete.
  • Mr. LongArm 0407 short-bristle, very stiff brush is ideal for serious scrubbing jobs. For deck scrubbing, basement floor scrubbing, surface preparation, concrete and tile around pools.
  • Mr. LongArm 0404 non-restrictive, very soft brush is for cars and fine finishes.
  • Mr. LongArm 0405 non-restrictive, soft brush is for multipurpose use. Use to clean windows, awnings, siding, etc.
To complete your cleaning system, add a Mr. Long Arm 0425 flow-thru angle adapter (sold below) which allows you to change the angle of a brush or redirect the flow of water up to 270 degrees; it is great for cleaning gutters.

Some other names our clients use when they ask for this item are telescoping siding brush and cleaning vinyl siding brush with extension pole.