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Down Comforter Made in USA Warm Winter Weight

Down Comforter Made in USA Warm Winter Weight

Down Comforter Made in USA Warm Winter Weight

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15" Baffled Boxstitch Snow White Down Comforter - - Winter weight down comforter is made to keep you warm. Filled with domestic snow white duck down from the USA.

15" baffle construction with a 1" outer baffled edge allows the down to loft to its maximum capacity and to insulate more effectively. Gusseted edges with piping. Supple fabric is woven at 360 threads per square inch of 100 percent cotton, sateen weave. Color is white. 10 year warranty. Made in USA.

Dimensions: twin 70" x 90"; queen 92" x 96"; king 107" x 96"; super king 114" x 112" (for king mattresses that are at least 14.5" deep; super king is also known as oversize king or jumbo king).

Each comforter is custom-made to order in the USA.

NOTE: The number in ounces (oz) at the end of each item is the fill weight. What does fill weight or fill power mean?

NOTE ON SUPER KING: ** Please measure the depth of your King mattress carefully. Super King Comforters provide additional drop for King beds with extra-deep mattresses. Choose Super King size only if your mattress is more than 14.5" deep. Super King 114 x 112" is a non-standard comforter size. We do not stock a duvet cover to fit this size, and, in fact, such a duvet cover may be difficult to find anywhere. If you want to use this size with a duvet cover, we suggest you try to obtain that cover first (you may need to hire a talented sewer to make one for you).


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