TM-2000 ThermoMist
Whole house humidifier
Humidifies up to 3000 square feet
or up to 5000 square feet with optional nozzles

Field Controls TM-2000 ThermoMist Whole House Humidifier

TM-2000 ThermoMist
Whole house humidifier
Humidifies up to 3000 square feet
or up to 5000 square feet with optional nozzles

Item #: 16012F


Field Controls TM-2000 ThermoMist 2000 whole house furnace mounted humidifier

Whole House Humidifier - - ThermoMist 2000 automatic, whole house humidifier uses fresh water and is activated by your furnace. Use your central heating system to automatically supply humidity to every room in your home.

The TM-2000 Humidifier is tied into your home's cold water line and is activated by heated air being produced by your furnace. Uses a constant supply of fresh water directly from your water system. No reservoir means less maintenance and no mold and bacteria buildup.

Temperature activated for automatic, worry-free operation. Thermal-sensing circuitry monitors the temperature of the heated air. When the air is warm enough, the housing assembly's electric water valve is actuated, opening to allow cold water from your plumbing system to be atomized into a fine mist. The mist, which is discharged into the heated air by the remote nozzle bracket assembly, immediately evaporates and is distributed throughout your household. The heated air is thus "humidified" and spreads the humidity throughout the house via the ductwork.

Sensitivity dial enables you to customize the humidifier operation to suit your needs. The sensitivity dial varies the on/off cycle of the humidifier, thus providing more or less spray during the heating cycle.

The spray atomizing nozzle is a separate component and can be installed in the best location for optimal evaporation, while the control box can be installed in a more convenient location closer to the heat source.

The standard 0.65 nozzle (capacity up to 9 gallons/day) is designed for homes up to 3,000 square feet. Larger capacity nozzles are available (Comfort House Item #: 16013) for larger homes (1.00 nozzle with capacity up to 12 gallons/day for up to 4,000 square feet or 1.35 nozzle with capacity up to 18 gallons/day for up to 5,000 square feet). Nozzles should be replaced once a year.

FURNACE REQUIREMENTS: For use in homes with conventional gas or oil forced-air central heating systems only. Not for use with electric furnaces, 90+ condensing furnaces, or electric heat pumps. DO NOT INSTALL with an attic furnace of any type.
WATER REQUIREMENTS: Operates on normal city water supply pressure. If any other type of water supply is to be used, it must be capable of providing a minimum pressure of 50 psi.
If your water has a high calcium and mineral content, dust may be created as the water evaporates. The problem can be minimized by installing an in-line water filter that uses replaceable cartridges in the water supply line.

Video explains the 3-step installation process: mount control box and nozzle to ductwork; connect saddle valve to cold water supply; plug into household current. Allow approximately 45 to 60 minutes to complete the job.

High-impact plastic housing eliminates the possibility of corrosion. Will not damage ductwork. Dimensions (main unit): 4"W x 5"H x 3"D. 24 volts; 60Hz; 0.40 amps. 10' power cord. UL approved. Made in USA. 18 month mfg. warranty.

Important Reminder: TM2000 is not for use with a 90+ efficiency appliance. Please read furnace requirements above.

This product was discontinued by the manufacturer in May 2016.


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