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Chromalux R20 full spectrum lightbulb

Chromalux R20 full spectrum reflector floodlight

Chromalux R20 full spectrum lightbulb

Item #: 81608

Enjoy summer sun all year round. Glare-free light from full-spectrum lightbulbs reduces eye strain and creates a pleasing and relaxing environment. You will notice increased visual acuity, greater eye comfort, and less fatigue when you use these lightbulbs in your home.

Ideal for reading, writing, studying, crafts, sewing, and workshop use. Doctor recommended for anyone who suffers from seasonal affective disorder. Also used for display lighting and jewelry lighting applications.

Chromalux full spectrum lightbulbs are made of a special hand-blown glass that is not colored or coated, but instead contain a rare earth element, neodymium. This element absorbs yellow and other dulling components of the spectrum and produces a purified light that is whiter and brighter than light obtained from standard bulbs. The light enhances black and white on written pages and makes colors appear more accurately.

R20 type 60 watt reflector floodlight bulbs are for spotlight-size fixtures. Light bulbs are frosted and burn an average of 5,000 hours. Silver inner reflector increases lumen output. 320 lux at 3 feet.

Currently available by the case only. Please contact us to order.


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