Cervical pillow

Cervical Pillow For Back and Side Sleeping
Cervical Pillow For Back and Side Sleeping
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Cervical pillow

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Orthopedic pillow recommended for back and side sleeping.

The curved cervical lobe that follows the neckline provides excellent support, places your neck in the appropriate position for cervical correction, and allows for shoulder comfort.

The large upper pillow section gently cradles your head with down-like comfort. And the indented center improves neck support for back sleeping.

Comes in three lobe sizes: 5", 6", and 7". To select the best size for you, measure from the bottom of your ear to your shoulder with a standard ruler or tape measure. For 4" or less, order size 5; for 4" to 5", order size 6, and for 6" or more, order size 7.

Dimensions: 24" x 16". Covered with 230-thread-count fabric. Can be used with a standard pillow case. Made in USA.