Bonavita Coffee Maker

Bonavita Coffee Maker
Bonavita Coffee Maker
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Bonavita Coffee Maker

Item #: 66307
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Bonavita Coffee Maker totally controls the two most important elements needed to brew a superior cup of coffee: brewing time and water temperature. Brews eight 5-ounce cups of coffee in about 6 minutes. Bonavita BV1800 includes a glass carafe and BV1800SS includes a double-wall stainless steel carafe.

Please be sure to read our FAQs below for important information not contained in the product manual.

FAVORITE COMFORT FEATURE: 8 cup capacity. Most drip coffee machines are bigger or smaller. It's hard to find an "8 cupper."

The new Bonavita coffee brewer incorporates three special features. First, a 1400-watt heater for fast brewing and ideal water temperature. Second, showerhead water-delivery system fully saturates your coffee grounds for optimal flavor extraction. Finally, a separate 55-watt heating element maintains the correct coffee temperature after brewing (glass carafe model only). (NOTE: In order to ensure optimum flavor, this coffee maker does not have a pause-and-serve feature. You will need to wait until the whole pot is brewed before pouring a cup.)

Tested and Approved by Comfort House for making hot, strong coffee. Exceptionally easy to use. Add water, add coffee, turn on: no extra settings. We like the clear, easy-to-see, no-guesswork water level markings on the water reservoir. We like hot coffee, and the Bonavita delivers a good, hot cup. However, if you like to set your coffee maker at night so coffee is ready for you in the morning, you'll need to look further.
  • Bonavita coffee makers are approved by the Specialty Coffee Association of America as certified brewing equipment.
  • 1400-watt heater raises water to the ideal brewing temperature: approximately 205 degrees F.
  • Bonavita's 1400-watt water heater is the highest wattage of any household coffee maker available in North America.
  • Engineered for precise contact time between water and coffee grounds.
  • 2-hour Keep Warm with auto shut off.
  • Bonavita recommends using #4 Melitta filters.
  • Dimensions: 10.75"L x 6.5"W x 12"H.
  • Stainless steel housing.
  • 2-year mfg. warranty.
  • Available with a glass carafe or double-wall stainless steel carafe.
  • Comfort House 66307F.
Questions and Answers about Bonavita Coffee Maker:

Q: Can I use a Gold Tone Filter? (asked by multiple customers)
A: Manufacturer recommends Melitta paper filters probably because the filter holder is Melitta brand (on the model we received for our test kitchen anyway). However, we have successfully used with a gold tone filter without any noticeable difference in taste. Specifically, we used Cuisinart GTF.

Q: When I brew 2 cups, the coffee is not getting hot enough for the way I like to drink it? Is the machine defective? (asked by S.L. of Enrico, CA)
A: The brewer requires pre-heating if it will only be used for 2 cups. In fact, Bonavita says it should be pre-heated for anything less than 6 cups brewed. To preheat, fill the water reservoir to the 8 cup line, let the water run through, then brew the number of cups desired. Please note this information is not in the product manual. From a practical standpoint, we brew 2 cups and 4 cups all the time in our test kitchen and it is plenty hot enough for us so this concern may not affect everyone.

Q: What do I do if I believe my Bonavita is defective because the water is not getting hot enough?
A: An initial batch of product in 2012 did have some heating problems that were rectified. Since then our experience with defects in Bonavita coffeemakers have been extremely rare. The manufacturer wishes to be contacted directly to handle any potential defect matters by using the phone number shown in the product manual. The first question they will ask you is the temperature to which the water is heating so please have it ready when you call. Of course, this means you will need to have a thermometer handy capable of measuring hot liquid.

DISCONTINUED! Sorry, this item is no longer available.

Bonavita Coffee Maker
Item #: 66307
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Product Reviews

  Excellent coffee,
Posted By: - Verified Buyer   Location: Oregon   How often do you shop at Comfort House: first time
Very simple machine which I believe is premium priced, but it does make very good coffee which is what really counts.
  Excellent Product,
Posted By: - Verified Buyer   Location: Easley, SC   How often do you shop at Comfort House: first time
Finally found that elusive cup of coffee. Wonderful coffee maker. Simple and easy to use.
  Straightforward and awesome.,
Posted By: - Verified Buyer   Location: Los Angeles   How often do you shop at Comfort House: first time
Finally, a machine that does exactly what it's supposed to do and doesn't try and do anything else. No milk frother, no fancy pants anything, just hot, great tasting coffee in 6 minutes and then it turns itself off. I haven't had a single problem with this machine, it looks good on the counter, and I the coffee is delicious, So happy.
  Finally, great hot coffee.,
Posted By: - Verified Buyer   Location: Texas   How often do you shop at Comfort House: first time
The Bonavita BV1800 replaced a Bosch that we had for years. The Bosch was well made and served well, but the coffee was not hot enough. Also no glass carafe. The Bonavita solved the shortcomings of the Bosch and gives me a great cup of coffee that is HOT and keeps it hot. I also started grinding my coffee each day with a conical burr mill. Now I can sit back and enjoy. I recommend highly.
  Good, not great,
Posted By: - Verified Buyer   Location: Ohio   How often do you shop at Comfort House: first time
My point of comparison, and the reason for my purchase, is my $25 Aero Press coffeemaker. This cheapo French press makes spectacularly good coffee, but is often a mess to deal with and makes just one cup at a time. I wanted something cleaner and bigger, but with the same quality of taste. This is not it. It's a simple, clean system. The lack of a pause feature isn't a problem; the process is quick. It turns off automatically, something I like and didn't realize it did. The carafe keeps the coffee lukewarm, at least. Carafe design could be improved; unless the lid has been screwed onto the carafe, it's almost impossible to pour from without spilling. Coffee taste is good, but it's not extraordinary. For the price, it's an okay value but not a must-buy. I'm not sure I would have bought it if I had a taste-test opportunity first, but among drip coffeemakers, it's by far the best. Comfort House had the best price, no question there.
  Very happy - as advertised,
Posted By: - Verified Buyer   Location: chicago, il   How often do you shop at Comfort House: occasionally
This machine brews a great cup of coffee. I finally found a coffee maker that brews a hot cup of coffee consistently. The thermal pot keeps the coffee hot also. Simple to use. The only recommendation I would have is to make a 10 cup version in addition to the 8 cup.
  Very pleased with product & service,
Posted By: - Verified Buyer   Location: NC   How often do you shop at Comfort House: first time
Needed a coffeemaker with glass-lined carafe that keeps coffee hot. Technivorm didn't cut it, though the coffee tasted great right out of the pot-carafe didn't keep it hot. This one does. Fits neatly under cabinets when not in use--steam comes out of vents over basket so have to pull it out, but works great. Grounds wet all over; 6 minute brew time is accurate to the second. Wish there was a timer since I do set the coffee the night before. Tried a remote but the automatic shut off blew that work around. But overall exceptionally happy so far after 3 months.
  SCAA Certified,
Posted By: - Verified Buyer   Location: Louisiana   How often do you shop at Comfort House: first time
The Bonavita is just one of two drip coffee makers to receive the Specialty Coffee Assn of America's certification for producing coffee that meets their standards. That is, to brew a pot at between 200 - 205 degrees F in 6 minutes or less. The only other brewer to get this award costs more than twice as much as this one. Therefore this would be a great coffee maker at twice the price.
  Can't find a better coffee maker,
Posted By: - Verified Buyer   Location: Danville, CA   How often do you shop at Comfort House: first time
This coffee maker is great. It is simple and has clean lines, is compact, but best of all, it makes great coffee. Our 20 year-old Krups carafe broke and was unreplacable. I bought the Bonavita, after much research (and returning a Cuisinart elsewhere) because it makes coffee just the way it should be made, with water at the right temperature and a shower on the grounds.
  The Holy Grail,
Posted By: - Verified Buyer   Location: Arlington, Virginia   How often do you shop at Comfort House: first time
Don't be fooled by the minimalistic appearance of this coffee maker. RIght from the first cup, the Bonita coffeemaker puts out incredibly tasting coffee. The best I've tasted, hands down. There is a one flip switch to get it going. It is very easy to pour the water in the reservoir. The removable filter holder makes it easy to to insert the #4 filter, add coffee, and take it for cleaning when you are done. The carafe is a perfect size, ergonomically designed for easy grip & pour. Consistently superior coffee taste ready within several minutes of brewing. I have been simply thrilled with this coffeemaker.
  New terrific coffee maker,
Posted By: - Verified Buyer   Location: Lebanon, NH   How often do you shop at Comfort House: first time
This coffee maker is head and shoulders above anything else on the market, with the possible exception of the Technivorm Moccamaster. Its simplicity and price make the Bonavita BV1800 a much better choice than the Moccamaster. The coffee is delicious, and the cleanup is quick and easy.
  Great Codfee,
Posted By: - Verified Buyer   Location: Arkansas   How often do you shop at Comfort House: first time
Arrived on time, nice looking but somewhat disappointed it was made in China - thought it was made in Switzerland. Makes really delicious hot coffee in 6 minutes. The coffee is smooth and definitely hotter than previous coffeemakers we have owned.
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